Five ways to wear your Aran Beanie

Perhaps you have been given an Isle of Auskerry Beanie hat or knitted one from one of our kits – we’ve put together some handy tips on how to wear it…

Straight up
This is the easiest way to style your beanie as you simply just put it on your head. If you are brave enough to pull this look off, it will definitely turn heads!

The Braid
As the name would suggest, this style is primarily aimed at all the stylish ladies out there. Simply braid your hair to the side and pull your beanie on. Don’t worry if you’re not a braiding pro as the braid doesn’t need to be perfect. If anything a messy braid adds even more to this look!

The Fisherman
This style is probably one of the most hipster looks! It got its name as historically fisherman, hunters and seamen would commonly wear beanies in places where cold weather was the norm. Simply place your beanie on and roll it over twice.

The Slouch
This style is similar to ‘straight up’ style except that after placing the beanie on your head, you simply pull it back to your hairline. This makes the rest of the hat ‘slouch’ back instead of sitting straight up – hence the name! Although it doesn’t look it, this style is particularly good for keeping you warm!

Another simple way to style your beanie is to pop it on your head and fold over the edge once. Quick and easy, you’re ready to go in no time!


We’d love to hear your Beanie styling tips – share them with us on social media using the hashtag #Auskerry