Spring 2021 – Summer is coming!

An update from Isle of Auskerry 

One of the hardest things about this last year has been the lack of personal contact with our lovely customers. As a result, we decided to stay in touch with you by launching a quarterly newsletter to share what’s been happening at Isle of Auskerry.

In this weather the Northern Lights are often clearly visible, dancing on the distant horizon with green silent flashes, which is how they earned their local name: Merry Dancers. We are lucky in Auskerry to have a dark sky, free of light pollution, meaning we only need to walk out our front door and look up to see the stars overhead in all their glory. I love winter and curling up by a peat fire with a good book but it is good to see the days lengthening again.

With Spring in the air we are moving ahead with new projects and working on adding a few more products to our range. We are currently testing two new kits, which will be ready to launch very soon. One is a hat and wrist-warmers set in a staircase stitch, and the other is a beautiful crocheted cushion kit in a mix of our natural yarn colours.

Baby Ada having a nap on an Isle of Auskerry sheepskin rug.

Last year three babies were born in to the family within six months of each other, two of them arrived on the same day 12 hours apart. I love seeing pictures of them but I particularly love the ones of them kicking on one of our lambskins. Our three boys were laid on lambskins as babies to play and sleep on, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer, whilst being so soft and comforting.

Before Christmas, the weather was dry and mild resulting in the garden and farmland staying green right through the winter. This is rare for Orkney as we usually have very strong winds that desiccate the leaves with their blast of aggressive salt spray. February brought stunningly beautiful dustings of snow with bright sunshine.

We hope this Spring will herald the end of the pandemic and a return to a life when we can meet face to face again. Thank you for supporting our business over this last year and we hope that we get to meet again in 2021.