Our Environmental Philosophy

The way that our sheep are farmed and the lives that they lead as well as the way we make our products is completely the opposite of modern industrial /intensive farming and manufacturing.

When you buy our products you can enjoy knowing that our sheep are not confined to fields nor made to eat only one kind of grass all their lives. They are given the freedom to roam as far as they wish (they naturally heft themselves to a specific area of the island from which they never stray) going to high ground at night and the beaches during the day as the tide retreats; they live in their island homes all their lives.

We wash our sheepskins in rainwater and have no unfriendly chemicals to dispose of at the end of the curing process; we use elbow grease and wind power rather than fossil fuels to shear the sheep and finish the skins.

At every stage our policy is to use everything, waste nothing and to care for our sheep as naturally and with as little human interference as possible.

We have our fleeces spun in New Lanark Mill in Scotland which is a UNESCO World Heritage site thus supporting not only the Scottish economy but also our important historical legacy; http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/heritage/worldheritage/world-heritage-sites-in-scotland/new-lanark.htm

Our products are helping to preserve traditional methods of weaving Scottish Wool as our woven blankets are hand-woven at Knockando Mill in Speyside;