Hand Dyed Aran Yarn 100g




Our own North Ronaldsay wool yarn is hand-dyed in Auskerry in small batches to produce muted colour palettes. Although every batch varies, you can choose from several different combinations though we cannot guarantee that the yarn you receive will be exactly as in the picture! Our colour inspiration comes from the landscape; summery greens, sea blues, wild-flower pinks and yellows and seaweed purples and oranges.

The 100% wool yarn comes in 100g skeins ready for winding into balls. When ordering please be aware that each dye batch is different.

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Hand Dyed Aran Yarn Colour

Beach Fire, Birdsfoot trefoil, Borage, Coastline, Corncrake, Cornflower, Crowberry, Downy Birch, Forget-me-not, Globe Thistle, Heather Lochan, Lady's Bedstraw, Lamb Holm, Marsh violet, Purple Vetch, Reindeer Moss, Rhubarb Fool, Rock Pool, Rosehips, Scots Pine, Sea Glass, Sea Holly, Sea Lavender, Sea Reflections, Sea Thrift, Shallow Bay, Spindrift Blue, Spring Woodland, Stone Lichen, Summer Meadows, Sundown, Sunset Cloud, Sweetpea, Watercress