Our Family Business

For the last 35 years we have been farming the isolated island of Auskerry. Our boys have grown up helping to round up the sheep for lambing and clipping; a job that involves a lot of running over this 250-acre island especially as North Ronaldsay sheep have no respect for sheepdogs and will jump straight over a dog’s head if cornered!

We began by producing sheepskin rugs but recently we have added more and more products to the range as the amazing qualities of the wool lends itself to so many beautiful items.


Here on this remote part of Scotland there are days of absolute calm when you might disturb a basking shark offshore but much more often the 15 mile stretch of open water that separates us from the rest of Orkney is wild and inhospitable. As a result we have had to develop all the skills necessary to work with the sheep that are so perfectly suited to this environment, and have come to love and admire them.


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Our flock of North Ronaldsay sheep is the second largest flock in the UK. The scarcity of these sheep makes them a Rare Breed and the dramatic effects of Climate change are making life more challenging both for the sheep and ourselves;for example we have had to rebuild the pier and create sea defences to protect their habitat.

By supporting our business you are helping to prevent this unique breed from becoming extinct.