New Year in Auskerry

We had some strong winds over Christmas which brought a lot of seaweed to the shore for the pregnant ewes who depend on the nutritious seaweed for their food. Currently we are enjoying a mild and dry spell with little in the way of wind, which is not so good for the sheep, but luckily the tides are big, so that the ewes can get out onto the ebb twice a day to graze the living weed. Hopefully all those lambs are growing well and their mothers will continue to be in good condition and have lots of milk!

After a very busy season for sales, we are doing our best to create more products and I am really looking forward to seeing the new colour of yarn; oatmeal white, as last year’s wool clip is nearing the end of its journey from fleece to yarn.

Meanwhile we are working on new designs for our knitting yarn; especially for the hand dyed yarn which we have been experimenting with dyeing in a different way, with exciting results.

My personal New Year’s resolution is to write more blogs and post more diary entries on the facebook page- hopefully I will keep it up!

A very Happy New Year to all of our customers and friends.