Limited Edition

There are only three flocks of North Ronaldsay Native Orkney sheep left in Orkney. Our flock is the second largest.

Our island farm is 250 acres and the sheep have access to every part of it. However, the island will only support a finite number of sheep and so we have limited amounts of fleece and sheepskins for sale.

Each one of our products is a ‘Limited Edition’ as we can only produce small amounts of each item.

In addition these sheep are all individually marked; no two sheep are ever the same as colours and markings vary so much. Therefore your sheepskin rug will always be entirely unique to you, and though we can try to find a ‘pair’ for customers who require a match it will never be a perfect one!

The dyeing is done in very small batches to ensure quality, so although we dye a large enough for you to order enough yarn to make a jumper or jacket; no two batches are ever the same, ensuring that your hand-knitted item will be ‘one-off’.

Our yarn stocks are not large enough to be able to weave big numbers of blankets at a time so these too are ‘rare’.