Home Educating Survival Guide Part 1

When my eldest son was three, I was told by the local Education Authority that I would have to either move or home-educate as they were not going to help with his education if we stayed farming our island home. Our farm was our livelihood so I had no choice but to attempt to teach

Weaving our blankets at Knockando Weaving Mill

Our blankets are hand woven at Knockando Wool Mill in Speyside which is one of the last remaining district wool mills in the UK. They are woven on a double warp so that they have a thick and bouncy feel to them, which adds texture,weight and warmth. We designed these blankets to showcase the natural

Spinning our fleece at New Lanark Spinning Mill

New Lanark Mill comprises a small 18th-century village some 40 km southeast of Glasgow, Scotland. The mill was founded in 1786 by David Dale who, with Robert Owen, created a Utopian vision of a society without crime, poverty or misery. Originally spinning cotton, the mills were powered by water-wheels and operated from 1786 to 1968.

The Story of SS County Hastings

The Auskerry lighthouse is a distinctive feature on the island. Built in 1866 and standing at over 100 feet tall, it looks out across the flock and the surrounding stretches of water. Despite its imposing size and position, a number of ships have still managed to run aground on the treacherous hidden reefs below the

The Story of the Lighthouse

Auskerry Lighthouse was built between 1864 and 1866 by pioneering lighthouse engineers David and Thomas Stevenson to light the north entrance to the Stronsay Firth. Attached to the lighthouse are two flat-roofed keepers’ flats; the lower one is used all year round as a store and the other is used occasionally in the summer. To